Home ownership is becoming increasingly unattainable for many families. The dream of having the 4 bedroom, 2500sqft, detached home with the white picket fence is slipping out of reach. With the rise in house prices and changes to the mortgage lending criteria, many families struggle to qualify for mortgage financing.  The fact of the matter is that our salaries are not keeping pace with the cost of living and causing the gap between the rich and the poor to increase further everyday. 

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The Solution

One way to deal with the housing affordability crunch is to consider "pooling" your resources. In order to deal with rising house prices families need to rethink how they should go about acquiring real estate. If you cannot purchase a home individually due to income restraints why not put your money together with a family member and purchase a home together? 

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Why Pooling?

There are many benefits to pooling your resources together to buy homes, however the most prominent reason why someone would want to use this solution is to minimize individual financial risk. When you own a home and you are the only income earner everything depends on you. A job loss, change in the economy, illness or change in family composition could be devastating. Pooling resources helps to manage these unexpected life events. 

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Support Systems

Owning a home and running a household is no easy task. In this economic climate of in-affordability it is important to have safe guards and support systems in place to manage the stresses of home ownership. Although independence provides us with a sense of accomplishment there is greater strength in living interdependently. 

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