Closing Day

Time to Celebrate!

Well you made it! The day has finally come for you to close your transaction. Leading up to this day you probably had several questions & discoveries!

One may be that you have way more things than you thought! This is always a good time to purge those items that have been collecting dust all these years.

Another may be "Did I forget anything"? Often because we have so many things to think about prior to closing it is easy to misplace or become absent minded. The best thing to do is write a "Closing to do List". This will help you check things off as you go. 

You may also be thinking "Is everything going to go smoothly at closing"? This is where the professionals that you have enlisted on your team come into play. Having a good Realtor to consult with can do wonders at easing your anxiety. The other key person to consult with during closing is your lawyer. They can answer any legal questions that may arise.  

Now there is the matter of estimated costs that you can expect at closing! The most common expenses are the following: 

  • Real Estate Fees (Don't forget that HST is added to all service fees). 
  • Lawyers Fees
  • Mortgage Discharge Penalties
  • Outstanding Property Taxes / Adjustments
  • Moving Expenses
This is not an exhaustive list but are the most common expenses that you can expect as a seller at closing. So lean on your Realtor for any real estate related questions that you have. Talk to your lawyer if you have any legal questions. Consult friends or family that have had a move recently and lean on their past experiences. The more you can plan in advance to prepare for closing the smoother it will be! 

Happy Closing!
The best way to deal with stress and anxiety on moving day is to plan as much in advance as you can.

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