Questions for My Agent

Choosing A Buyer's Agent You Can Trust 

Posted on Sep 12, 2019 in Questions for My Agent

When it comes to shopping for a home, especially if you are buying for the first time, having an agent on your side is extremely helpful. But if you have never bought a house before, you may have no idea where to begin finding a REALTOR® that you can really trust to help you with this important decision.

If you google search real estate agents in y...

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3 Real Estate Myths T.V. Has Taught Us

Posted on Jul 23, 2019 in Questions for My Agent

Jim and Suzy Homebuyer just found their dream property for $50K and fixed it up in three weeks. Stories like this have skewed viewers’ expectations of real estate reality. Shows about home buying and renovation projects can be fun to watch, but we may not realize that they often don’t depict the realities of buying, selling, and owning a home.

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How to Avoid Mover Scams

Posted on Jul 20, 2019 in Questions for My Agent

According to the Better Business Bureau, the moving industry is one of the most complained-about industries in Canada. How can you avoid negative experiences? Be aware of common scams, and take steps to protect yourself from these fraudulent activities.

Get it in writing: It might be tempting to get a quick quote and schedule your move over the pho...

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Moving? Avoid these Major Mistakes

Posted on Feb 15, 2019 in Questions for My Agent

You might say that moving involves a lot of … moving parts. It can be difficult to coordinate all the aspects of pulling up stakes and putting down roots in a new place. Considering these challenges, it’s no surprise mistakes are made. From minor inconveniences to major disasters, moving blunders make the entire process even harder. Here are some o...

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Negotiation is More Than You Think

Posted on Jan 15, 2019 in Questions for My Agent

When you think of real estate negotiations, what comes to mind? For most buyers and sellers, price tops the list. While this is certainly an important part of any real estate deal, did you know there are at least six others areas of potential negotiation? 

Closing costs: In addition to the price of the home, buyers must pay closing costs that cover l...

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When a Home Inspector Finds an Issue

Posted on Dec 24, 2018 in Questions for My Agent

Imagine you've found the perfect home. You love it. You've made an offer that's been accepted. So far so good! The only catch? You've wisely made the offer conditional on passing a professional home inspection.

What happens if that home inspection reveals a major issue?

First, you should know that, depending on the age of the property, a home inspect...

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